How many books can you read before you arrive?

At Holly Lodge, we love reading and we want you to love reading too!

Below is a list of brilliant books that will help to prepare you for Year 7, some of these books are staff favourites, others are there because we think they are really important books to read.

Over the summer holidays, we are setting all our future Year 7 students a challenge: how many can you read?

Each time that you read one of the books on our list, make sure that you get a parent/guardian signature to confirm you’ve read it. You can use our list below, or write your own.

We will award one point per book that you have read; the Year 7 students with the most points in September will receive a special prize so make sure you keep track!

Bonus points will also be awarded for reading different books from different genres:

Click here for Year 6 to 7 Summer reading challenge

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