MEM Mathematics Challenge – Regional Competition

Dear Parent / Carer,

The Maths Department would like to encourage your daughter to take some time this half-term to
participate in the “Mathematics Challenge”, a regional competition organised by the registered
charity Mathematical Education in Merseyside.

The competition takes the form of a selection of problem solving questions, based around this year’s
theme of the Periodic Table. Entrants should do their best to answer the questions included with
this letter to the best of their ability. If your daughter is one of the highest scorers regionally, she
will be invited to an Awards Evening at the University of Liverpool in May to collect a prize.

If your daughter would like to take part, we ask that she includes her answers (along with all working
out) on A4 paper, with her name and “Holly Lodge Girls’ College” written on each sheet of paper
used. Completed entries can then be passed back to myself in Room A2 before Friday 1
st March 2019, where I will submit the entry on your daughter’s behalf.

Participation in this competition is not compulsory, but we take our commitment to promoting
Mathematics across and outside of our curriculum very seriously, and would appreciate your
support in encouraging your daughter to make the most of this opportunity. Please do not hesitate
to contact me should you require further details on this competition.

Yours faithfully,
Mr J Liptrot
Numeracy Lead

More information about this competition can be found on the Mathematical Education in Merseyside


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