In order to inspire and motivate to take an interest within the Digital industry, a group of year 8 pupils attended an event called ‘Digital Explorers’.  Digital Explorers was an event organised by EDT – Education Development Trust, which aims to inspire young people into the digital industry, it was also sponsored by TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), one of the main leaders in today’s digital industry.

The day was packed full of fun activities providing insight into a breadth of tech careers, coding and engineering. It also allowed the students to demonstrate team work, communication and creativity.

The day began with an introduction from a member of EDT, who briefed the pupils on the various sessions that they would be taking part in.

During the day, pupils took part in a series of sessions, with the first theme being ‘Inspire’. Pupils learnt about the origins of communication and how this relates to the technology today. They discovered that smoke signals, morse code and html are all essentials pats of communication. Working in teams and using this knowledge, a scenario was given to the pupils and they had to solve the challenge using technology. They used cipher wheels to decode messages, and then produced a simple circuit and light to transmit Morse code to one another.

Following on from this session, was a session entitled ‘Insight’. Working in groups, pupils selected a brief, and made a series of recommendations for technology resources, processes and skills that would improve the problem. The pupils worked in teams, then pitched their ideas to a ‘dragons den’ panel. Points were awarded upon their recommendations, presentation, and role play.  The team who the dragons felt delivered the best solution and pitch was awarded prizes.

The third and final session of the day, was ‘Industry’. Working in two teams, pupils learnt and explored the area of emerging technology:  cryptocurrencies. In their teams, pupils had to hold a structured debate to answer the question, ‘Can cryptocurrencies improve our lives?

To end the day, a series of experts from the industry held a question and answer session. Pupils challenged the team with a series of questions upon entering the industry.

Miss Phennah, Computing teacher, who led the trip, said, ‘We had a great day at Digital Explorers. It was the perfect opportunity for the pupils become aware of the importance of technology within the workplace and also highlighted to them the different careers that are available. It was also a great opportunity for pupils to understand how technology is evolving. Following the Q&A session with industry experts, it was clear that there is a gender gap in this industry and I feel that this has inspired the girls even more so to enter this industry as the overall feedback from the girls is that we can do those jobs too.’

All pupils were fully engaged and the overall feedback from this trip was that it has made pupils think more about computing and technology as a career.

Hazel Ryan

“I had fun and leant about something I didn’t know. I really enjoyed it and liked making the torches.’


Alesha Raja

“My experience at Digital Explorers was very interesting and very different. We learnt many new things for example, Morse code. This has made me think about a career in technology”


Megan Kilshaw

“I really loved this trip because it was really fun and informative. I learnt a lot about technology that we will use in the future and how to get a job in computer science, which is something that I would really like to do. There were loads of fun activities and the people teaching it were really nice and patient. Overall this trip was amazing and I loved it!”


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