The poem was entered into a competition at the Upper House of Liverpool Schools’ Parliament by Lucy Phillips in Year 7.    There were over 30 entries and Lucy was chosen along with 2 other pupils to read out the poem at the Holocaust Memorial Day Service at the Town Hall on Friday 26th January, 2018.   The theme for the poems was The Power of Words.

The Power Of Words

They say that sticks and stones,

Can hurt and break one’s bones,

They also say that words can do no harm,

But I disagree, for if it were me,

Hurtful words would not leave me calm.


Joyous words can make my day,

Perhaps maybe even my week,

But words that are said, intended with dread,

Are enough to leave me weak.


Words that are said can be truths,

Words that are said can be lies,

Some words which are said, can fly over my head,

Or they could stick with me inside.

Words are extremely powerful,

Enough to give one’s brain harmful sores,

And everyone needs to be careful,

As the choice of your words is entirely yours.

By Lucy Phillips

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