Year 13 win prestigious art award

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An artistic journey

Since September 2016, Yr13 BTEC Level 3 Art & Design pupils have been working hard in collaboration with the Tate Liverpool and the Young Person’s Advisory Service (YPAS) towards a joint exhibition. Using Tracy Emin’s installation, ‘My Bed’, as a starting point, the pupils and young women from YPAS have explored and discussed issues around mental health, eating disorders, bullying, peer pressure and life as a female in the 21st Century.

As part of the Tate Collective initiative, the girls worked with artist and gallery educator, Sarah Marsh, and Children & Young People Programme Manager, Deborah Riding onsite at the Tate as well as in the classroom, experimenting with different materials, techniques, processes whilst developing their ideas. The pupils documented the process in their sketchbooks, on Twitter and film. See Sarah Marsh’s blog for more insights into their journey:


In February, Holly Lodge and YPAS staged an interactive exhibition called ‘Look Closer: Altered Perceptions’ at Tate Liverpool in the 1st Floor main gallery alongside famous works of art by Picasso and Mondrian. This truly was an honour to have this opportunity. Visitors to the gallery were invited to add to the paper sculpture using paper as a metaphor for their emotions. Over 4 days, the exhibition evolved including participants writing their feelings on the work in different yet deliberate colours. On the last day, visitors wore ‘rose-tinted’ glasses to view the work from a different angle, miraculously some of the hand written negative words intentionally disappeared as the red of plastic lenses affected people’s viewpoint. On the last day, Holly Lodge Ambassadors from Key Stage 3 destroyed the installation in a performance to mark the end of the one in a lifetime experience.

The conceptual work of art was well received by visitors who congratulated pupils during the show. The exhibition marked the end of the Yr13 BTEC pupil’s 2 two year course but was topped off when they received the ‘Museum Partnership Award’ at the Northwest Cultural Education Awards.

CONGRATULATIONS to all Yr13 pupils and the young women from YPAS!
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