Curriculum Statement

The curriculum we offer our students reflects the aims and aspirations we have for them in that we aim to;

  1. Give them the knowledge, understanding and skills to progress onto the next stage of their education, irrespective of their prior attainment, background or ethnicity.
  2. Produce students with high aspirations, resilience and independence so that they can maximise the opportunities they are given to progress.
  3. Provide a broad curriculum with flexible pathways through the key stages to allow students to maximise their attainment by developing the skills and talents they already hold.
  4. Provide students with a range of enrichment opportunities to help them become responsible citizens who can make a positive contribution to society.


Form Time

Form Time is an integral part of every school day. In Years 7 to 10 students follow a weekly programme including Literacy, Numeracy, Oracy/Discussion, PSHE, basics checks and assemblies. Students of all abilities who require extra support in either English or Maths are placed temporarily in forms with an appropriate teacher to help them to catch up. Years 7 to 9 also include Reading Forms where the emphasis of the activities is to improve students’ comprehension of their reading. In Year 11 students are placed in English, Maths or Science forms according to the subject they most require support in. These forms are rotated regularly. There is a separate form for the highest performing students who follow a programme designed to extend their thinking in English Maths and Science.


Our Curriculum – Key Stage 3

a. All students follow the National Curriculum throughout Years 7 and 8 with the addition of lessons devoted to reading and Drama on rotation in English. (1,4)

Subject: En /Rd/Dr Ma Sci MFL Hums DT/Comp Art PE RE Mu
Hrs/week 5 4 3 3 4/3 2.5 1 2 1 1

b. The emphasis during this time is to give the in-depth, fundamental understanding and skills required to maximise success at KS4. (1)

c. Catch up funding is used to narrow gaps in prior attainment in English and Maths for those who require it. Nurture groups are provided in Years where the intake requires such support. (1,3)

d. Students (other than HA students) are taught in mixed ability groups to ensure that all are expected to make progress. HA students are taught in dedicated groups to ensure that they are given the opportunity to maintain their prior progress (1,3)

e. Enrichment is delivered through PSHE in Form Time, extra PSHE sessions and the use of carefully selected providers with the aim of broadening the students’ development and raising their aspirations. (2,3,4)

f. Schemes of learning and how they are delivered are reviewed regularly to ensure that work is challenging. (1,2)
g. There is an in-school programme including SRE, IAG and Drugs and Alcohol education. (2,4)


Our Curriculum – Key Stage 4


a. A 3-year KS4 was introduced in September 2017. Year 11 from September 2018 will be the last year group following a 2-year KS4. The aims of this switch were to encourage the students to become more focused learners at an earlier age, to broaden the range of options available to all students from 3 to 4, to give students more time to cover the increased content in the new GCSE subjects and to give them time to deepen their understanding of the subjects they are studying. (1,2,3)

b. Student voice feedback suggests that the new curriculum is fulfilling these aims for the students.

c. All students study a core of GCSEs in English Language, English Literature, Maths and Double Science as these are the fundamental subjects required for students to progress. (1,2)

Y9 and 10 Eng Ma Sci PE/RE Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 MFL
Hrs/week 5 5 5 1 3/2 2/3 2 2


Y11 Eng Ma Sci PE/RE


Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 MFL
Hrs/week 5 5 5 1 2 2 2 3

d. Students make their option choices at the end of Year 8 to begin study in Year 9. All students have access to the full range of academic and vocational subjects we offer including GCSEs, BTEC, OCR Nats, the Ebacc, a second language and separate sciences. (1,3)



e. Subjects offered at KS4 include;

There are 4 option columns; popular subjects are offered more than once where staffing permits.
BTEC Business Studies BTEC Sport Hospitality and Catering Award GCSE RE
BTEC Dance BTEC Travel and Tourism GCSE French GCSE Separate Sciences
BTEC Drama GCSE Art GCSE Geography GCSE Spanish
BTEC Health and Social Care GCSE Citizenship GCSE History  iMedia Award
BTEC Music GCSE Computer Studies GCSE Product Design GCSE Spanish

f. Guided choice, parental liaison and IAG is used to ensure that students make choices appropriate for them. (1,3,4)

g. Student progress and attainment is monitored and reviewed regularly to ensure that they are making appropriate progress. Support is available during Form Time for students who require it in English, Maths and Science whilst targeted use of supplementary qualifications allows students who require extra subjects to broaden their qualification base during the Key Stage. (1,3)

h. There is an in-school programme including SRE, IAG and Drugs and Alcohol education. (2,4)

Our Curriculum – Key Stage 5

a. Students are offered a broad range of academic and vocational subjects based at Holly Lodge and in our partner school, West Derby Boys Academy. We recognise the breadth of Level 2 courses offered by local FE providers so students are guided towards these providers through the use of taster days and strong links between the schools and colleges. Consequently, we do not offer Level 2 courses other than resits in English and Maths. (1,3)

b. Sixth Form students follow a personalised study programme which can be academic, vocational or a mixture of learning aims. (1,3)

c. Subjects offered at KS5 include;

There are 4 option columns; other options are available through Post-16 Collaborations
BTEC Applied Science BTEC Music A Level Film Studies A Level Philosophy and Ethics
BTEC Art and Design BTEC Sport A Level French A Level Physics
BTEC Business Studies A Level Biology A Level Geography A Level Psychology
BTEC Drama A Level Chemistry A Level History A Level Criminology
BTEC Health and Social Care A Level English Literature A Level Maths A Level Politics

d. All programmes include enrichment opportunities, volunteering and work experience where required. (2,3,4)

e. Programmes are designed to ensure that students can reach their desired destinations which are mainly university and higher apprenticeships.

f. Each single equivalent qualification receives 5 hours of teaching per week (1)

g. There is an in-school programme including SRE, IAG and Drugs and Alcohol education. (2,4)


Selected partner providers – All Key Stages

Shaping Futures to raise aspirations and encourage future participation in University. (1,2,4)

Brook Advisory Trust to develop understanding around SRE issues. (4)

Career Connect working to provide IAG to all students. (1,2,4)

Elevate delivering a bespoke revision skills programme to Years 7 to 11 (2,3,4)

Barclays Lifeskills delivering a range of workshops to Years 7 to 11 (2,4)


Selected partner providers – Key Stages 4 and 5

The Hope Opportunity Trust – working with the Springboard Trust to provide full bursaries to public boarding schools for disadvantaged students (1,2,4)

The Girls’ Network – providing mentors to disadvantaged students in Year 11(1,2,4)

Compact – providing work experience, employability interviews and other skills-related experiences (4)

HE Plus – An outreach scheme from Cambridge University aiming to increase diversity in Oxford and Cambridge. (2,4)

Liverpool to Oxbridge Partnership – a Liverpool-based scheme starting in Year 10 with the aim of increasing Oxbridge applications from the city. (2,4)



  • Attendance is rising overall and PA is dropping. In particular, attendance of Y9 has increased to 94.5% this year.
  • External exclusions have dropped significantly in Year 9 from 20 in 2017 to 8 this year. External exclusions in Year 8 are also lower this year than last year. (7 in 2017 compared to 4 this year).
  • Student voice reports that Year 9 students are very happy with the switch to a 3 Year KS4 as it gives them more time on their GCSEs, means that they can focus on areas of strength and interest and also makes them feel more mature.
  • Parents are also very happy with the broader range of options available and the greater amount of time to study them.
  • Year 11 predicted grades show a much improved Progress 8 score whilst last year’s high levels of attainment have broadly been maintained despite the lower ability of the 2018 cohort.
ART Curriculum Intent -Art Under review Under review Year9 Art Year10 Art Year11 Art
BUSINESS STUDIES Curriculum Intent - Business - -  Year 9 Business YEAR 10 BTEC YEAR 11 BTEC
CITIZENSHIP   GCSE Citizenship   GCSE Citizenship   GCSE Citizenship
DESIGN TECHNOLOGY  Curriculum Intent - DT Under review Under review KS4 Design Technology KS4 Catering KS4 Design Technology KS4 Catering KS4 Design Technology KS4 Catering
DRAMA  Curriculum-Intent - Drama Under review  Under review  YEAR 9   YEAR 10  YEAR 11
ENGLISH Curriculum Intent- English Under review  Under review  YEAR 9 YEAR10 YEAR11
FOOD  KS4 Catering  KS4 Catering  KS4 Catering
FRENCH Curriculum Intent - MFL Under review Under review YEAR 9 YEAR 10 GCSE YEAR 11 GCSE
GEOGRAPHY Curriculum Intent - Humanities Under review  Under review  GCSE GGEOGRAPHY GCSE GGEOGRAPHY  GCSE GGEOGRAPHY
 HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE  Curriculum Intent - HSC   Year 9 H&SC Year 10 H&SC   Yearr 11 H&SC
HISTORY Curriculum Intent - Humanities Under review Under review GCSE History GCSE History GCSE History
ICT  Under review Under review Imedia Year 9 ICT YEAR 9 ICT Yr10 GCSE  ICT YEAR11
MATHS Curriculum Intent - Maths Under review Under review YEAR9 YEAR10 YEAR11 Foundation  YEAR11 Higher
MUSIC Curriculum Intent - Music Under review Under review  YEAR 9 YEAR 10 YEAR 11
PHYSICAL EDUCATION Curriculum Intent - PE & Dance  Under review Under review YEAR 8 YEAR 10 BTEC YEAR 10 CORE YEAR 10 GCSE YEAR 11 BTEC YEAR 11 CORE YEAR 11 GCSE
PRODUCT DESIGN - Under review - YEAR 10 YEAR 11
PSHE Under review Under review
RE Curriculum Intent -Humanities Under review Under review   YEAR 9  YEAR 10  YEAR 11 GCSE RE
SCIENCE  Curriculum Intent - Science Under review  Under review Y9 Science Science Curriculum Materials  Y10 Science Science Curriculum Materials  Y11 Science Science Curriculum Materials 
TRAVEL AND TOURISM - - Yr 9 Travel Year 10 Travel YEAR 11 BTBC

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